At Last! Performing Arts Opportunities Designed Specifically for Seniors

At Last! Performing Arts Opportunities Designed Specifically for Seniors

Landmark Community Theatre is very excited to announce a wonderful opportunity for older adults to engage in the performing arts. Connecticut Community Foundation has provided funding to explore theatre opportunities for seniors. As a part of that program we are offering a five-week class in improv.  Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Classes will be led by Teresa Alexandru and Lori Poulin. 

Teresa has been practicing and performing improv and sketch comedy for more than fifteen years. She has experience leading and performing in improv/comedy groups in a variety of settings including competitions, workshops, corporate professional development sessions, and fundraising events. Teresa is a former teacher by profession and has had experience teaching improv to children and adults alike. She is excited to be leading this class with Lori, a fellow improv artist and friend. Both are very excited about working with seniors since so much of improv is drawn from life experience

This program is the first in the series of many hopefully to increase the opportunities for seniors to participate in the performing arts. Although it is the first program of its kind in Connecticut, Senior Improv has been very successful across the country. Aging often takes its toll on memory, flexibility (motoric and cognitive), and problem solving. Our experienced artists will lead classes that foster collaboration, problem solving, and flexible thinking. This group will become a safe, forgiving, fun place for participants to explore the performing arts.  It will encourage healthy aging by engaging older adults in art experiences that foster creative expression in a warm and safe environment. 

Classes will be held in the fully accessible Thomaston Senior Center at the Thomaston town hall from 1-2:15 PM on Saturdays beginning October 26th and ending on November 23rd. Classes are free but call 860 283-8558 to register. 

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