Come audition (by appointment) for this CT Community Theatre Premier on Sunday May 12th, Monday May 13th, and Tuesday May 14th 2013 from 7pm to 10pm, Children's auditions Thursday May 16th 2013 from 7pm to 10pm. Call Backs on Sunday, May 19th 2013 at 6:00pm.

Please prepare a fully memorized selection of a song in the style of Les Misérables (but not from Les Misérables), that showcases your vocal range, and that is not longer than one minute in length. Children auditioning for Young Cosette or Gavroche may sing their song from the show. Please vocalize and warm up prior to your audition. An accompanist will be provided, so please bring the piano sheet music for your song, with your selection highlighted. No a cappella singing or recorded accompaniment will be allowed. Adults auditioning must be at least 16 years of age by the production. Young Cosette should be 6-12 years old, and Gavroche should be 8-14 years old.

Foster Evan Reese will direct and choreograph the show, with music direction by Dan Ringuette. The show will open on August 3rd and run through August 18th, 2013 for a total of 8 performances.

All roles are open for audition. By appointment ONLY. Additional audition times may be arranged if needed. To schedule an audition you may call 860-283-8558, email: or find us on Facebook.

Male Roles:


Sings to B4 (high lyric baritone or tenor with strong low notes). A poor peasant who rises to affluence, he has great natural nobility and dignity. A powerful figure, ideally a large man with a character of operatic size and passion. The voice needs to have a pop/rock sound or a classical sound of extraordinary textual clarity.


Baritone, sings to G4. Policeman who relentlessly hunts Valjean. The ultimate “law and order” figure with a rigid and merciless moral code. He too is a character of operatic size and passion. Both belt voice and classical can suit this role but must have a darker quality than Jean Valjean.


Strong comic character role. A crooked innkeeper, later a petty, amoral thief. Greedy, irreverent, selfish, boorish, vulgar. Baritone, sings to F#4.


Sings to A4 with a strong bottom (to A2). A member of the revolutionary student movement. Attractive and romantic but in a sensitive, 19th century “byronic” way.


Sings to G#4/A4. Very strong singer. Charismatic political figure. Leader of the revolutionary movement.


Bishop of Digne (A2 to E4); Foreman (E3 to Db4); Members of the ABC Society; Montparnasse; Babet; Brujon; Claquesous; Sailors; Bamatbois; Pimp; Fauchelevant; Judge; Constables; Farmers and Laborers; Chain Gang.

Female Roles:


Belt up to C5, sings to Eb5. Poor factory girl, struggling to support her fatherless daughter. Later is a pauper, a prostitute, a consumptive and a ghost. Earthy and poignant. Although is finally defeated by circumstances she should appear to be strong and a survivor. She puts up a valiant fight against the horrors of her life.


Fantine’s daughter (first seen as and played by a child) delicate, elegant, vulnerable and beautiful. Falls in love with and later marries Marius. Soprano (to high C6) but a light, young “floating” sound, without heavy vibrato.


An enormous and beautiful belt voice, to C5 in belt (sings to Eb5). Daughter of the Thenardiers but in no way behaves like them. Fired by an unrequited love for Marius. Small, gamine, waif-like. Hasn’t learned to disguise her emotions; wears her heart on her sleeve.


Belter. Tough, sharp, coarse, boorish, vulgar. Strong character comedienne role. Strong comedic actress. 

OTHER FEMALE SINGING ROLES: Ensemble with strong voices and acting skills.

Children's Roles:

GAVROCHE: Boy, age 8-14. Thenardier's son and the "arch enemy" of Javert. Spunky street urchin with lots of personality. Sings very well with unchanged voice. 

YOUNG COSETTE: Girl, age 6-12. Sweet innocent waif, daughter of Fantine and ward of the Thenardiers. Pretty soprano voice. Sings "Castle on a Cloud."

YOUNG EPONINE: Girl, age 6-12. Pampered daughter of the Thenardiers. Should be a strong actress, and will be a smaller version of the grown Eponine.

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