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The Musical Always Nina

The Musical Always Nina

Show Starts:9/6/2019

Enjoy a two-hour visit with Tennessee storyteller Nina Cathey Allbert, who will delight you with stories from her

childhood and beyond. Let Nina’s charming singing voice and unique story-telling style—in the Southern tradition, but still her own—lead you on a heartwarming adventure through middle Tennessee and beyond on her journey through life. Along the way, you will encounter bikers, beauty queens, teen-age moms, evangelists, country folk, and millionaires, as well as Nina’s own family—Mama, Daddy, Little Grannie, Uncle George, Al, Roxie, Sean, and more. You will be captivated by Nina’s resonant voice as she adds a musical dimension to her tales with selections by Joan Burr ranging from love songs to the blues; from country to jazz to Broadway showstoppers. You will leave the theater with their melodies in your heart. Always Nina digs deep into the traditions of all Americans, both rich and poor. This treasure chest of tales will remind you of the richness of your own life and may inspire you to reveal your own saga in your own way. Click this link to read more

September 6, 13, 14 @ 8pm

September 7 & 15 @ 2pm

Adults $26.50

Seniors & Students $23.50

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